Babe & Qiqi


Babe & Qiqi is a cutting-edge independent fashion design brand founded in 2019. The brand is named after the founder Qi Wang and her cat Babe.

Babe & Qiqi is not only advocates a kind of elegant, sexy, rebellious and independent aesthetic idea, but also advocates a chic, casual, optimistic and upward new female life style. In Babe & Qiqi’s fashion values, women should be like cats, sometimes clever and gentle, sometimes unruly, this deviant spirit is full of mysterious charm.

Every season of the brand design has an exclusive script, its profile is appropriately bold and publicized, the colour is mainly colourless, the fabric is flexible and straightforward combination, the original printing in mature cute. Through the transformation of clothing structure and the matching of fabrics, concise colours can also create unique light and shadow texture. Babe & Qiqi enables women to maintain a decent public image and professional settings, while at the same time demonstrating their own unique tastes.

Babe & Qiqi’s followers are the darlings of the elite world, enjoying the vitality of contemporary urban culture.  Their career life is not obscure, it’s all about to please themselves.

The Premiere of Babe&Qiqi will be presented at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the S/S 2020 Season. with the collection Love Me Love My Cat —— the person who really loves you will Love everything about you, including a sweet little cat.


Qiqi was born in Wuhan, China in 1994.Qiqi studied abroad to Canada and attended her high school in Victoria when she was fifteen.In the summer of 2016, she finally met her cat Babe and started their story. After living in Canada for 9 years, Qiqi took Babe back to China, and founded Real Dorothy art media Ltd, which started the business of inheriting and innovating diversified art and culture. Qiqi is the chairman and the founder of the 2019 ChuHeYunChuan China Kids’ Supermodel Competition, which has received more than 1.7 million views online.In the summer of 2019, Qiqi founded a brand that belongs to her and Babe and entered the fashion world.


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