Yeon Jae Kim (1997) was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. She is the designer and owner of AUBE, the first brand of unique vegan bags in Korea.


By winning the grand prize at 2019 Dongduk.w.univ. After earning a degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing, she developed her dream of designing. But as she learns to design, she realizes that designers are inevitably going to throw out a lot of trash, feeling the gap between the desire to protect the environment and to be a good designer. After graduating, she decided to design new things but make fashion products that do not harm the environment.


As the result of this kind of thought and love toward nature and was inspired by them, Aube proposes a variety of lines. One of these lines, the PEBBLE line shows Aube’s unique brand identity, is inspired by pebbles that have been rounded off by thousands of waves from rough stones. The shape is out of the fixed frame, but it presents a color that is easy to match on a daily basis so that it can suit anyone. In addition, recyclable Vegan Leather is used to minimize waste. Its own outstanding designs, top-quality materials, and the workmanship of local artisans result in the development of luxury fashion accessories and works of art.

S / S 2022

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