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An award-winning graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s rigorous fashion program, Alicia Perrillo wasted no time starting her brand in 2016. With a focus on luxury fabrics and beautiful handwork details, she combines contemporary silhouettes with a healthy dose of old-world couture.

“In this collection, I explored light, textures, and silhouettes inspired by the emotions felt while gazing up at the stars in the Small Hours of the night. When the unknown possibilities of the universe are most evocative and humbling. The collection uses sequined, beaded, and iridescent fabrics to mimic far away galaxies and falling stars tumbling to Earth. The dazzling color story is provided by images from the Hubble telescope: black, purple, blue, teal, red, white, silver, and gold. Gazing at the stars, I concentrated on the ebb and flow of emotions from tight loneliness to vast wonder, and used it to inform my shapes and embellishments.”— Alicia Perrillo

S / S 2022

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