For a season, Ayllin was part of a team of volunteers with a passion for loving people from remote communities in Peru. In each trip she was involved, she felt her heart was being left with the people of the communities with whom she lived. She noticed the need and lack of job opportunities they had as well as the incredible talent they had. On a vacation trip, she decided to purchase some handwoven bags in a town close to Cuzco city. Back to Lima, she showed them to her friends who were delighted at first sight. At that moment, her desire to be an open window for these handwoven bags made by artisans from Cuzco was born. More than creating a traditional business, her objective was to give an important value to the work of many artisans, so they can be recognized as the designers or creative minds of their own creations. May the camera be able to capture their joy as wonderful people and the different creations handmade.
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