Thursday the 4th January, 2018


You did it, another year behind you, now you are thinking about your resolutions for 2018. Sign up to the gym? Exhausting ! Cooking at home ? There’s no time for that. Quit smoking ? Already sorted that last year(!)…

A new wardrobe ?

Oh, I knew this would be the most interesting thing for you. The new year is for new ideas, so we would like to let you discover what the Parisian Girls will be wearing in 2018. Ok, so let’s start with the 3 best trends of the season…

Get your joggers out !

Once upon a time, Karl Lagerfeld, Artistic Director of Chanel said :

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.”

But, he didn’t know that joggers would be one of the biggest french street style trends this year. Who knew that we would even see tracksuits on the runway? The Fall/Winter season means cocooning with soft materials so it’s time for the joggers to get out and get on the street !

However, this is Parisian chic so remember it has to be fancy and fashionable ! Don’t wear a total tracksuit, just wear your selected joggers to match with more fashionable pieces. You can mix it up with high heels for a sophisticated look, or keep it casual with tennis shoes for a streetwear vibe.

Shine is the new Fall/Winter word. Let’s face it Winter can be a little bit dark and gloomy, it’s cold and the night falls quickly so it is time to cheer up with some shiny silver pieces. Anything goes or almost anything… we recommend to wear one metallic piece per outfit however some magpies dare to wear 2 pieces. So what should we be looking for? Silver boots, silver purses, and silver skirts are the trendiest pieces of Fall/Winter season.

We have already told you that the colour of the year was Ultra Violet. So let’s see how the French girls wear violet clothes with confidence ! You can choose one piece to match like ankle vinyl boots which are perfect in violet. The French also go for a darker more Burgundy colour. For an extravagant look, wear a burgundy faux-fur coat with a black outfit. If you prefer to wear this colour touch by touch, burgundy hats could be a really good option (Fedora hat, wide-brimmed hat even cloche hat). The masterpiece will be a violet dress which is elegant and comfortable at the same time.

We hope the French style has inspired you with your own wardrobes. Now go forth and create your own unique takes on these new trends!

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Words by Ally Routier