VFW Social Team takes Seattle // Seattle Sewn

This past Tuesday, our Social Team – Nancy Deol and Lexy Dien – sped off to Seattle to attend Seattle Sewn.

Seattle Sewn is a not-for-profit collaborative initiative led by Muses and Seattle Made, to re-energize the Seattle sewing industry.  There is a growing demand for locally and ethically made garments, with designers struggling to find qualified sewers and manufacturers.  As a result, Seattle Sewn is providing training to qualify individuals, but giving them a skill they are able to utilize.  They are doing so by providing apparel production training, job placement services, studio space for freelance sewers to collaborate and research, and find employment.  They are hoping to provide flexible, well-paying jobs to lay a new foundation for an industry to succeed.

Seattle Sewn has trained over 57-low income immigrants and refugees as commercial sewers coming from over 10 countries.

We feel so privileged to have been part of this event, as VFW holds diversity and inclusion as some of our highest values.  Supporting events such as these in Seattle are so important to us as we have supported multiple Seattle designers in the past.

The event was held at the Riverter – a spacious industrial space in downtown Seattle, Washington.  The event showcased multiple local apparel, backpacks, hats and jewelry lines.


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