Lena Kasparian, founder of her eponymous label, is a fashion designer and celebrity stylist. Her sophisticated designs carry the essence of the classical style of the 50’s era, reviving elements of Parisian chic. Hailing all the way from Sydney, Australia, we can’t wait to see what this womenswear designer brings to our runway for Fall/Winter 18.

VFW: Can you describe your brand and yourself in a few sentences?

LENA: My brand is the essence of what I feel fashion should be, the way I want to see men and women dress. Style is an attitude and it guides the personality of each individual to shine. My label is a representation of me, the way I see my world.

VFW: How did you learn the business of fashion?

LENA: Growing up in retail from fine jewellery to fashion I always had the naturally capability and flair to design and style From sketching rings to dresses, I always had the knack for design and loved the world of fashion and models. I am self-taught and nothing is a better lesson than experience.

VFW: Where do you normally look to for inspiration for your designs?

LENA: Old Hollywood glam; from the silver screen goddess to vintage glamour. I like to design for real women to bring out the beauty of all shapes and sizes.

VFW: In what way do your designs meld the past and present?
LENA: I think those eras had a unique style which will never date; they gave women a real sultry seductive yet elegant look… modern, comfortable yet timeless.

VFW: Here at VFW we are very interested in design identity as we host designers from all over the world. How has the Australian design scene influenced you? Does being based in Sydney affect your design work?

LENA: I feel the Australian fashion scene is a little behind and needs a shift. I design for the love of fashion; I don’t follow trends and I don’t copy other designers based in Sydney. It’s only because I live here. My style and work won’t be altered by my address. I do me, and my concepts are original. I don’t look at others for inspiration; I use my own imagination and create from my heart with passion.

VFW: Can you describe your showroom space?

LENA: My showroom is dark and soothing, with dark green walls and gold trim mirrors. With dim lighting it’s very romantic and chic. It is nicknamed the Panthers Den which suits perfectly.

VFW: What inspired that nickname?

LENA: The logo of the brand is a panther, hence why the Lena Kasparian boutique is nicknamed the Panther’s Den.

VFW: Can you describe your most interesting client?

LENA: All clients are unique and interesting, from brides and mothers to celebrities, they are all people after the same thing- to feel fabulous in a gorgeous gown for that special occasion….whether on stage, in front of a camera or at a ball. It’s human nature; we all want approval and acknowledgement for how we look and that gives us satisfaction. I enjoy being part of that experience.

VFW: You have recently created some candles using fragrances you made with a perfumery in Germany. Do you have any plans to branch out into other lifestyle products?

LENA: Yes I created amazing perfume-scented candles, which I am very proud of and are a huge hit. I will work on a perfume range next year. Lifestyle is inevitable for an ever-changing industry. Yes, to have a beautiful home wear range is something I will look into in the future. Anything is possible.

VFW: What is your greatest accomplishment?

LENA: Besides my two beautiful children, my business of course. Starting my own brand and doing it on my own has been liberating, every day is an accomplishment. Dressing local celebs such as Amanda Keller and star athletes and international faces such as Jason Derulo and Tyra Banks has been great. Developing new friendships in the industry and creating new opportunities excites me and gives me great pleasure. I look forward to the future.

Here at VFW, we are looking forward to showcasing Lena Kasparian’s collections for the F/W 18 season in March.

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Words by Faye Cottrill

Images courtesy of Lena Kasparian