VFW F/W17 Spotlight Sponsor: Shibue Couture Inc.

Shibue Couture Inc. was the undergarment sponsor for the Fall/Winter 17 Vancouver Fashion Show this past march.  They provided us with no-line strapless panties, seamless panties, Shibue Silicone Concealers, and shibue coverup classics. These undergarments allow you to wear whatever outfit you’d like, without having to worry about panty lines or bra straps showing.  Not sure how these products can benefit you?

We’ve outlined the skinny on why you need them below.


Shibue No-Line Strapless Panty

“Shibue Couture is the inventor and creator of the world’s first and only No-Line Strapless Panty and we have redefined the lines in fashion!

Shibue’s are held in place by a washable and re-usable soft silicone gel adhesive across the top front and top back of the panty leaving nothing but a smooth, clean silhouette on your sides. When you are not wearing your Shibue’s, a storage liner is supplied to protect the adhesive the panty.

Shibue’s are being worn in the movies, TV, red carpet and even on the runway, and now they’re available for everyday!

We didn’t cross the line… we erased it!”

Shibue Cover Up Classics 

“Shibue Cover Ups are not only cute, fun and sexy…. they’re washable and reusable too! All Shibue Cover Ups have a soft, silky silicone adhesive, with a soft center liner so there’s no adhesive on the nipple and it doesn’t hurt when removed! You’ll Love them!”

Shibue Silicone Concealers

“Shibue Concealers are soft and sleek under any outfit and they are washable and reusable too! Our concealers have a soft, silky silicone adhesive that is gentle to the breast.Our concealer itself blends with most skin tones leaving you look flawless in whatever you wear! Loved by designers and models all over the world!
*Remember: NO lotions, oils, powders and so on in the area of application! Clean dry skin only!”


*All product information taken from Shibue Couture’s website


Written by: Lexy Dien

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