VFW DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Yuner Shao and Ray Huang

VFW is excited to announce the shared runway show of two New York fashion designers for our F/W 18 season in March 2018. Meet Yuner Shao and Ray Huang, a pair of friends who will be showcasing a special collaborative catwalk. We delve into the details behind their inspiring work to learn more about their youthful and experimental designs.

Yuner Shao

VFW: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Yuner: I was influenced by my dad when I was little. He graduated from Tsinghua Academy of Art around the 1980s. And at that time, the whole society didn’t even realise what is art. To me, he is an avant-garde. I remember there were lots of magazines and artist’s books from all over the world in our home. Nowadays fashion can be applied to different areas, but I regard it as a form of art which can carry different messages due to its practicality. This is also what I’m doing in my work.

VFW: Can you describe your creative process?

Yuner: This collection is very research lead. I was always interested in social political stuff, and while I was doing research into this area I didn’t think about it in terms of inspiring garments at all. I created my own drawings which are counter propaganda posters relating to the contemporary “Chinese Dream”. I remembered I used a projector to play with the prints on mannequins. Instead of sketching from nowhere, I think enjoying this whole process is very important. I also used both digital printing and screen printing techniques. It’s my first time trying out screen printing which is not easy as the prints layer over each other. Before, my main focus was on shape, but I received lots of positive comments on my textile design. I guess I will keep experimenting with it.