This week we talk to Weiling Chang, a New York-based fashion designer from Taiwan. We discuss her heritage, creative process, and feminine designs ahead of our F/W 18 season shows.

VFW: Can you introduce yourself and your brand?

Weiling: I was born in Taiwan and graduated from FIT. I have worked in the fashion industry for 13 years, for companies like Izod outerwear, CK outerwear, and a number of contemporary private brand womenswear companies; from assistant designer to designer before I launched my first collection.

The ‘Weiling Chang’ brand stands for simple and slim-cut silhouettes with flattering drapery. I create designs that flatter and accentuate the beauty of the female body with a style that is trendy, functional and comfy.

VFW: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Weiling: I grew up in a fashion centered family and so I enjoy getting dressed up and looking good. I love helping other women to look their best. In fashion, I can design clothes that would do just that.

VFW: Where do you normally look to for inspiration for your designs?

Weiling: Paintings, architecture, magazines, movies, and vintage clothing. 

VFW: Can you describe your creative process?

Weiling: I research magazines and visit art exhibitions to develop concepts, then I sketch and drape. 

VFW: How do you synthesize new ideas?

Weiling: I work on the functionality aspect of an element then merge it into flattering drapery, a slim-cut fit, and comfort.

VFW: How do you find living in New York?

Weiling: Resourceful and inspirational. 

VFW: How does your heritage affect your design work? Can you see a Taiwanese influence? 

Weiling: I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, in a fashion-oriented family. My grandmother was a pattern-maker and tailoring instructor, and my mother loved fashion. She designed her own clothes, and would often take me shopping for textiles and clothes by Italian, French, and Japanese designers in boutiques and upscale department stores. Therefore, in addition to Taiwanese culture, I grew up being influenced by Japanese and European fashion. I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 5 years old. Sketching designs, styling, and sewing have been my love and passion. When I was a student at FIT, I started to make my own clothes.

VFW: Can you describe the collection you will be presenting with us in March for the F/W 18 season?  

Weiling: This collection is about the aesthetic function of clothing, looking at muscle imitation, wreath construction, tweed, plaid, wool, jersey, a smoky rock house in 1800’s Scotland, skin nude leather with black straps, and handmade-like thread wrapping inspired by the exhibition ‘Art and China after 1989’.

VFW: Why is the functional aspect of womenswear so important in your designs?  

Weiling: An important part of the function of womenswear is to help women look good. It should highlight their beauty.

VFW: What are your plans for the future?

Weiling: To create more clothes to help women look good and feel great!

Thank you to Weiling for giving us insight into her design work, we can’t wait to see the outcome from some very eclectic reference points at our F/W 18 season in March.

Words by Faye Cottrill

Images courtesy of Weiling Chang