This week, the spotlight is on Rosemarie Macklin who will be presenting designs from her fashion brand Si Mee Collections at our next runway show. Hailing from Jamaica, and based in Nevada, U.S, Macklin creates loud and confident designs which celebrate the female form.

Can you describe the Si Mee brand in 3 words?

Classy, Confident, and Stylish.

As a designer who is very connected to your roots, how does your heritage affect your design work? Can you see a Jamaican influence?

As a well travelled Jamaican and someone who keeps my heritage close to my heart, I can see there are many social characteristics that stay true in every design, ‘Out of Many, we are One’ (our Jamaican Crest motto). In fact, I consciously blend many nationalities and cultures in each design. I combine different periods (for example taking inspiration from the renaissance) mixing luxury with modern,  and most of all keeping my designs fresh and new.

You also spent some time in your childhood in Europe, has this affected your style or methods of designing?

My European experience gave me knowledge of cultures such as the Anglo Saxons, Vikings and the British Aristocracy. This all opened my eyes to fabric ideas and the functionality of clothing styles such as social values.

What is your favourite part of being a designer? What drives you to design?

When I see a client put on my designs and get to see how she transcends with the joy of feeling beautiful and unique.  This is why I wake up and go into my studio to design, knowing that I am designing for that special client who wants to wear something that makes her feel like she is a queen. She is passionate about wearing my clothing as I am designing something exclusively for her.

Do you have a muse?

I think I am blessed to have family and friends which I can draw from as my own personal muses.

What kind of woman are you designing for?

I design for the woman who strives for uniqueness. Women who love to make an entrance and those who demand attention. My clients respect the art of luxury and are particular in their boutique shopping.

Have you found beauty in unexpected places/situations?

Wow, what a question. As a designer, I think you should always seek beauty in unexpected places. I stop and appreciate life every second of the day, and to me, each breath taken is an unexpected beauty.

Where do you source your fabrics?

I source from LA and NYC.

What can you tell us about the collection we will be showcasing in March for our F/W 18 season?

I have had several ideas swirling in and around my head for this F/W 18 season. I am toying with the idea of incorporating chiffon with fabrics that are not normally paired. Creating a scene of vibrant colour and fiction all in one.

Can you describe your boutique and your clientele?

My boutique is designed for women who expect exclusivity. We function as an appointment only boutique and provide an environment to allow our clients to feel like they are in their own oversized closet. As we only make limited items, our clientele looks forward to every new design. I would say she travels often and is a trendsetter; women who enjoy the boat and resort lifestyle. Many of my clientele wear my designs to various functions although I may say they are mainly for resortwear. My clientele will say they are elegant, feminine, one-of-a-kind designs that are fit for all occasions.

VFW is excited to present what is sure to be a captivating, colourful runway show from Si Mee Collections at our F/W 18 season in March.

Words by Faye Cottrill

Images courtesy of Rosemarie Macklin