Hola Katherin Olivos! And welcome back to Vancouver Fashion Week. Ahead of this Chilean designers returning runway show, we talk plus-sizing and integration in the industry.

VFW: Can you explain your brand and yourself in a few sentences?
Katherin: My brand is destined for the everyday woman. Tailored for the normal women of today, who come in different sizes.
VFW: What is the inspiration behind your F/W 18 collection?
Katherin: It is to be able to make all of us equal while setting trends.
VFW: Can you describe your creative process?
Katherin: Chile supplies me with great landscapes and with this inspiration I manage to create my collections.
VFW: Through your collections you celebrate the female form, in particular you cater to plus-sized women. What drives you to design for plus-sized models?
Katherin: Because the idea for my brand is to integrate both large and small sizes without excluding anyone.
VFW: What are some fashion pieces every plus-sized woman should have in her wardrobe?
Katherin: The classic black dress and a festive dress for those special occasions.
VFW: What is your proudest accomplishment as a plus-sized designer to date?
Katherin: The everyday of helping a plus-sized woman to feel sure of herself, so she will shine all her life with that radiance.

VFW: In a word, how would you describe the city of Santiago?
Katherin: Everything.
VFW: How does designing collections in Chile affect your design work? How are you inspired by your native background and culture?
Katherin: My creations are personal creations that aren’t influenced by any one ethnicity in particular.
VFW: Did showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week before allow you to see your design identity in another light? Do you feel more connected to your Chilean background?
Katherin: It is a great achievement to go abroad to show my designs to the world, and that was an experience that I took with the highest respect.
VFW: Can you describe the clientele that you have worked with?
Katherin: Normally my plus-sized clients are very shy and reserved to begin with.

Thank you Katherin for helping us reflect on sizing in the industry. It gave us immense joy to present your fun and feminine designs last year, so we cannot wait to see your upcoming collection on our runway in March.

Words by Faye Cottrill

Images courtesy of Katherin Olivos