The sartorial side of Stranger Things 2

The horror hit is back on TV, and we’re feeling inspired by the rich filtered colours of this throwback to the 80’s.

Whether you’re into monsters and mysteries, compelling storytelling, or the dark synth soundtrack, there are so many ways to get caught up in the Stranger Things world. Not to mention the incredible talent from our fellow Vancouverite Finn Wolfhard (Mike), a promising young actor.

But here at VFW we think the real highlight is the work of the costume department. With a strong sense of authenticity and incredible attention to detail, we love seeing how the retro ensembles are put together in each episode. In the small fictional Mid-Western town of Hawkins, Indiana we see frilled blouses, turtlenecks, plaid shirts, and shearling jackets as sartorial throwbacks to 1984.

Kim Wilcox, the costume designer for Series 2, has focused on a lighter, freer colour palette in contrast to last season’s rust, tans, and blues. Think pastels mixed with brighter primary colours. At Hawkins High School, we’re spotting classic high-waisted jeans and jacket combos- a current trend we might add. Layering of colours and prints is prime, and don’t forget those chequered shirts and bomber jackets. We get a feeling of pure nostalgia observing the casual and fun style of middle schoolers in the 80s.

This season, the boy’s gang can be seen sporting nerdy graphic tops and striped polo shirts, their outfits perfectly encapsulating their tight-knit friendship group but each with a distinct personality.

We also witness how Nancy Wheeler’s style has evolved with her character; it’s a little less ‘prim and proper’ with more casual pieces. We love her soft coloured knitted jumpers.

With the addition of new character Eight, we are introduced to the Pittsburgh punk scene, complete with black leather, mohawks, and grunge makeup. Speaking of newcomers, we can’t ignore the siblings who have made the move from California to Hawkins, bringing with them a fresh West coast style. Camaro-driving bad boy Billy rocks blue double-denim, complete with biker boots and earring. Then there’s little step-sister Max with a totally tomboy style mixed with bright primary colours; think zip-up track jackets and sporty hoodies in yellows and reds.

In a nostalgic way, the series perfectly encapsulates the clothes from a certain time and place, but we can use these ideas to inspire new ways of dressing. Stranger Things 2 will get you sifting through thrift stores for that authentic vintage look.

The full season of Stranger Things 2 is now available to watch on Netflix.

Images: Courtesy Netflix

Words by Faye Cottrill