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Get to Know VFW Jewelry Designers Bianca Barr & Pam Jackson

Vancouver Fashion Week got to ask a few fun questions to local jewelry designers who will be a part of our Spring/Summer 2018 season. Get to know Bianca Barr of Bianca Barr Designs and Pam Jackson of Street Cat Designs!

Bianca Barr

Designer, Bianca Barr creates artfully designed pieces that will be a perfect match for any event you’ll be attending. Each piece is handmade, so no two people will ever have the exact same piece. Check out a few more of the pieces Bianca has designed on her Instagram.

VFW: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

Bianca: Maybe somewhere Scandinavian, Copenhagen or Stockholm. I love the fashion (Acne Studios in particular), art, design and the people seem super friendly.

Bianca Barr

Bianca Barr

VFW: Is there any career that you wanted to do before you went into design?

Bianca: As a child and teenager I was very unsure of what to do as a career. The only thing I really liked was art class, so something probably art related. Or a vet, briefly, because I love animals!


Bianca Barr

Bianca Barr

VFW: What’s one goal that you’ve surpassed while being a designer?

Bianca: In general I’m bad at making goals. I think just the fact that I’m still making things despite stress and setbacks. A goal I had this year was to get my pieces into some more local stores and I did achieve that.

Street Cat Designs

Pam Jackson, designer and owner of Street Cat Design, creates elegant, handmade jewelry made with precious metals with unique designs, gemstones and freshwater pearls. You can also take a closer look at Pam’s designs on her Instagram.

VFW: When did you know that you wanted to go into jewelry design?

Pam: Going into to jewelry design wasn’t as much a conscious decision as it was, I think, a destiny. I began making jewelry, starting out with glass beads and cheap wire after I lost two very dear friends to cancer. Being creative with this new medium was a way to bring cheer to my grieving heart. The colorful beads and serendipitous designs soothed my soul. As I got better at my craft, I left behind the humble materials, and began using gold and silver and real gemstones, and thus grew Street Cat Designs. It amazed me how easily the tools fit in my hands, and how the designs just seemed to be a part of me, until I remembered a little hippie girl of 16 living on the streets, sitting on the sidewalk in front of a bead shop in the 1970’s, twisting wire with brightly colored wooden beads into funky earrings. I took the money the shop owner paid me for the earrings and bought food. I think Street Cat Designs was started, really, that long ago, it just took the time in between to incubate!

Street Cat Designs

Street Cat Designs

VFW: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a jewelry designer?

Pam: To be honest, I’ve never really thought about it. I am so appreciative of the ability I have, to make things that people will pay money for, and love to wear. I suppose, if I give it some thought, I might have been a landscape designer, or a lawyer!

Street Cat Designs

Street Cat Designs

VFW: Did you have a favorite subject in school?

Pam: I didn’t have a favorite subject, as much as I had favorite teachers, who make the subjects so incredibly interesting, that you just couldn’t help but love what you were being taught. Shout out to Mrs Manders for geometry, Mr Jones for French and Mr Sawyer for English.

Come to Vancouver Fashion Week to get a closer look at the jewelry of Bianca Barr Designs and Street Cat Design!



Get to Know VFW Designers Inae Sung & Andre Kao

Here’s another round of Q&As with two more designers that will be showcasing at our Spring/Summer 2018 event!

Inae Sung

Inae Sung, creator behind the brand OLOH, uses a creative mix of colours, textures and styles to enhance every piece in her line. Being a recent graduate from a London college with a Bachelor in Fashion Design and Technology, we can’t wait to see what this womenswear designer brings to our runway.

VFW: What colours are you drawn to work with more than others?

Inae: At this time, BLUE.

Oloh Inae

Oloh Inae

VFW: Thoughts on ruffles?

Inae: I’ve found that the ruffle of this season is the starting point of the neutral item. At this moment, I have been thinking that the ruffle is the best example of a feminine atmosphere. But, I think everybody has a feminine side and a masculine side at the same time. When I mix materials or ideas that are active and sometimes masculine, a romantic and loving atmosphere is also created.

Oloh Inae

Oloh Inae


VFW: How do you handle your stress?

Inae: I like to have time be completely alone, to separate myself, so I see my stresses behind me. For example, I will have a bath on a day that is not well solved. I separate myself from the space, leave tired moods and worries in front of the bathroom door and try not to think of them. I focus on feeling the temperature, the incense and the quietness. After that, when I go out again, my tired mood disappears and it’s like my first thoughts were not such a big issue. Sometimes, I am able to find a solution with different view. This is how I adjust to the stress I have in a simple and short time every day.

Andre Kao

Striking patterns and structures are only part of what makes up Andre Kao’s label. With designs that are uniquely their own, this Taiwanese label will appeal to everyone.

VFW: What is something that you need everyday?

Andre: Inspiration.

Andre Kao

Andre Kao

VFW: What is the hardest part of being a designer?
Andre: The most difficult thing to do in designing is the process of realization.

Andre Kao

Andre Kao

VFW: What led you to pursue a career in fashion?

Andre: The true, the good and the beautiful.


Don’t miss seeing the beautiful designs of Inae Sung on September 21st and Andre Kao on September 22nd!

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