New Year’s Eve Sequins You’ll Actually Want to Wear Again

Who doesn’t like a little glam on New Year’s Eve? The problem many have when shopping for this occasion is finding the balance between festive and wearable. When purchasing clothes, it’s important to be able to incorporate the item into your wardrobe for more than one use. Everyone wants to wear sequins for New Year’s Eve, but will you want to wear it any of the 364 other days of the year? The following six garments can serve as inspiration as you put together your first outfit of 2018.

This Bomber Jacket from Anthropologie is great. We like the subtle blue and green colors, there’s going to be a lot of black, white and gold sequins out there on December 31st, it’s nice to have something that’s a little different. The sequins on this ASOS Black Mini Dress is refreshingly matte which is what makes it easier to wear again than some of the more shimmering options.

For a low key party we love this Free People sweater with subtle sequin detailing on the sleeves. It’s probably the piece on this list that is the most easily incorporated into an everyday look. The Marc Jacobs blouse on the right is a classic sequin top. It can be mixed and matched with almost anything. It’s easily dressed up or down depending on what you wear it with.

The Top Shop Star Sequin Bralet is a really fun addition to any wardrobe. It has some strong modern Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby vibes. It’s not something you’ll want to wear every day, but perfect for adding a little whimsy when you’re in the mood. And lastly, we have an understated ML Monique Lhullier floral dress. If you’re interested in adding a little ‘edge’ to it, we suggest pairing it with a chic leather jacket.

Hopefully, this inspiration was useful to you with some more subtle takes on the sequin trend. And truthfully, if you want to wear bright sequins every day, go for it! At the end of the day, your style is your own and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Words by Deanna Rule

Jelly Sandals: BFF’S or Ex-BF?

Is anyone else sick of them yet or is it just me?

Just a few days ago I saw a story on Snapchat about New Jelly Sandals for the Summer ☀️.

Jelly sandals again? I couldn’t help but wonder how many phases the jelly shoe trend could have before it finally dies.

Jelly shoes were birthed into the fabulous generation that was the 90’s. The jelly-ness then came back around 2012, when Tumblr fans began to wear see-through boots and raincoats.

(Photo via Pinterest)

Soon after this brave small group of niche fashion lovers cracked the barrier to the past, regular shoe stores began to produce the classic 90’s jelly sandal styles. As seen below.

The original jelly sandal from J Beans.

Now it is 2017, and new concepts and colours of jelly sandals are still exciting everyone’s minds and wallets.  Jelly sandals now come in gladiator styles, flip flops, slip-on slides, as well as Birkinstock-esque buckle strap sandals.

Jelly Pool Slides from Urban Outfitters (Currently on sale for $10)


Buckled jelly slides from Forever 21 ( $26.90 )


Jelly Ankle-Strap sandals from Forever 21 ($26.90)


So, are you still loving the jelly? Or tired of it?

Comment on our social media and let us know! 🌈



Weekender Bags for your Weekend Getaways!

Summer has arrived, which means more time for adventure; Road trips, long weekends, and trips to the beach.

You need enough room and pockets to pack all your summer essentials like sun block, sunglasses, a change of shoes and an extra outfit or two.  Oh, and let’s not forget snacks!  Here are some spacious bags, with timeless silhouettes to accompany you on your last-minute trips and treks.






Stella McCartney

CAD$ 1,340







$289 CAD



Trend Watch: Micro Handbags

As seen on the runways of Fendi, Valentino, Coach, and more, tiny handbags have big brands squealing.

A common first reaction is why would I spend that much for something so small, nothing will fit in it, right? However, some people are loving the small size because it pressures them to keep only the essentials. Ironic, that an item created by consumerist culture is inspiring people to have less, but it’s true!


Kendall Jenner sporting the Fendi Micro Peekaboo Bag in Light Pink Sheepskin, retailing for $1,950.


In an age where everything you need is either in your phone, or your wallet, you don’t need much else. This can be hard to imagine for girls who are lifetime best friends of the ‘hobo bag’, the seemingly endless bag that you could fit everything into. But do you really need the entire contents of staples, or that wad of napkins in your purse?




This trend has definitely been embraced by Parisian women, who already use their lipstick as their blush and vice versa. Prioritize what you absolutely need, and don’t keep things around “just in case”. Although the very tiny ones, such as Valentino’s matchbox sized bag are a bit extreme, try one just big enough for your phone and some cash, and feel the freedom!

 Chloé                                                                                                   Kenzo