Smartwater, Stay Hydrated the Right Way!

Whether you’re working a long day at the office or you’re soaking up the rays poolside, in the midst of all the commotion that comes with everyday life, it’s easy to forget the simplest of things. However, there is one thing that none of us should neglect, drinking water. Whether you’re powering through a workout at the gym or typing furiously behind the computer screen, drinking water throughout the day will make sure you perform at your absolute best.


smartwater: the best pool attendant.

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During VFW, the catwalk and front of house are a vision of perfection on the night of a show, but the real craziness can be found behind the scenes! Backstage is a tornado of designers, models, hairstylists, makeup artists, coordinators, volunteers, and countless others rushing to put the final pieces together before the show. During model fittings, dress rehearsals, and backstage prep, the VFW crew is kept on track and energetic by keeping hydrated with Smartwater, a refreshing break to a very busy day.



Smartwater, UK’s fastest growing brand of H₂0, owned by Glaceau and founded in 1996, is vapor distilled to draw out the hidden impurities found in protected groundwater sources and is later infused with ionized minerals for a pure and crisp taste! With no extra additives and a jam pack of electrolytes, this water sure packs a punch. Smartwater has recently introduced Smartwater Sparkling, the same pure water we love with the right amount of bubbles to lighten up your daily routine!


Smart, because it’s made that way.