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2017 Hair Trends

This year, no matter what your hair type, there is a variety of styles and latest hair trends to choose from. The latest hair trends include girly high ponytails, wavy lobs, sleek long hair and much more.

1. High Ponytail

Rihanna High Pony Tail

Rihanna High Pony Tail

High ponytails are appearing on the runways, in a more upscale fashion than we’re used to.  They’re coming back revamped, and celebrities such as Rihanna, J-Lo and Gwen Stefani are rocking the latest trend with style.  Once thought of as a quick way to pull the hair back after workout, without looking like a mess, the high ponytail is being paired with red-carpet gowns and more formal wear.  For an elegant look with a touch of femininity, tie a black velvet oversized bow to accentuate the look.  For a more laid back and face-framing look, let those baby hairs fly away, and tease the ponytail to new heights.

2. Crown Braids

Rita Ora Crown Braid

Rita Ora Crown Braid

Straight out of a fairytale, braids have made a huge comeback, and an endless array of styles are showing up on red carpets, wedding parties and around the city.  As a stylish alternative to the bun, braided hair requires an extra few minutes, but the results are picture perfect.  Braiding hair around the crown moves hair away from the face and instantly gives your frame a much more polished look.  This latest hair trend is suitable for any event, and can be easily tweaked and made to look either sleek and polished, or more laidback with a few loose strands. Use your creativity and make the braided hairstyle your own.  Check out this YouTube video for an easy tutorial on Crown Braiding your hair.

3. Velvet Hair Bows

Damselindior Black Velvet Bow

Damselindior Black Velvet Bow

Reminiscent of the European aristocracy of the 18th century, hair bow ties were worn by both men and women, however, men wore them with big white wigs, but by the end of the century they were out of style. As a fashion statement on its own, the velvet hair bows of today are much more subtle, creating a look that is effortlessly elegant and chic at the same time. Quick and easy to pull off, requiring no time at all, hair bows add a touch of fashion to an otherwise minimalistic look.  

4. Hair Jewelry and Accessories

Janelle Monae wearing a Jennifer Behr crown

Janelle Monae wearing a Jennifer Behr crown

If you have no time to make it to the salon for the latest hair cut or colour, hair accessories are an excellent alternative to add detail to your look.  Decorative and bejeweled hair bands, pins and hair ties are an easy way to enhance shorter or longer hair styles.  More elaborate headbands include studded jewels as seen on the runways of Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows, some even featuring tiaras.  (Check out the full Dolce & Gabbana fashion show here). Hair clips and pins are another way to add dainty details to your hairstyle, whether for the purpose of securing bangs to the side, or simply to add a touch of glam.  Shop here for more fabulous headband ideas.

5. Colourful Hair Dye

Nicole Richie in Purple

Nicole Richie in Purple

More recently, vibrant hair colours have almost become a norm in the fashion industry. Fashion forward thinkers are incorporating more daring colours into their looks and are elevating them to the next level.  Last year, teal, fuschia and grey were the colours, but this season violets, peachy creams and even rainbow tones are making an appearance. Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne have been rocking this latest trend and are looking oh so fashionable.

6. Super Straight Cher-Inspired Hair

Kim Kardashian sporting sleek long tresses

Kim Kardashian sporting sleek long tresses


If you’ve got super long tresses, or are pretending to with hair extensions, creating this sleek straight look is easy peasy. Using a hair straightener and a few products to tame down the fly-away hairs will result in the Cher inspired look that Kim Kardashian has been seen rocking.

Whether you want to rock your natural curls, or try out a different look this season, current 2017 hair trend styles include something for everyone.


Written by Milana Bucan

Wild Thoughts with Manolo Blahnik

Remakes, meme’s and dance videos of DJ Khaled’s new hit featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller have been swarming the internet. One of which points fun at the fact that Rihanna makes not-so-hot items look amazing. In the music video Rihanna wears a flowy teal blue dress designed by Alberta Ferretti, (available for $1,720 Canadian).  The dress, which looks bland and almost village-y on the model, looks jaw dropping on Rihanna.



Also seen in the new video are Rihanna’s blinged-out sandals.

Rihanna collaborated with Manolo Blahnik for her new line called “So Stoned”.

The sandals and heels all feature large stones and embellished details, but fans know the real reason for that name RiRi, we see you.

The collection has been said to be dropping on July 6th.


Spice mule.


Poison Ivy gladiator sandals.

The collection will range in prices from $1,265 to $2,325.

Photos Courtesy: Manolo Blahnik