10 High-Fashion Hair Trends To Try This Spring/Summer 2017

1. Deliberate Negligence

Intentional messiness by Dion Lee, Zac Posen, & Sportmax

Put away your flat iron! This look seems overtly natural, but you didn’t just wake up like this. We think this style is worn best with a structured shape in order to balance out an otherwise disheveled appearance. Zac Posen used this style effectively during his Spring showcase in combination with bright colours and feminine silhouettes.

2. Throwback to the 60s & 80s

Retro hair inspiration by Anna Sui, Gucci, & Brock Collection

Go for small bangs and a bouffant this Spring/Summer with lots of volume at the roots and soft curls laid on each side. This style was frequently seen on Gucci and Topshop Unique models in the 80s! Anna Sui brought this look back in the 60s as well, with her models rocking Brigitte Bardot’s iconic beehive — perfect for an event or stylized party!

3. The Lateral/ Side Part

Michael Kors, Philosophy, & Prada Hair Side Parts

A Prada inspired side part is a way to instantly change your look with minimal effort. Parting your hair on the side is perfect for an easy style that will give your look a chic touch without taking up hours of your time —  suited to long or short hair!

4. The Middle-Part

Middle Part by Tibi, Roberto Cavalli, & David Koma

Pair a middle part with a low ponytail or bun to get the most out of this look.  Make sure to style the sides neatly for a sleek and flattering style. Roberto Cavalli’s  Spring show combined this hairstyle with patchwork dresses.

5. Natural curls

Fausto Puglisi, Brock Collection, & Marchesa Curly Hair Styles

Curls are “in” this season and we think the more the merrier! Curls are pretty and even better if they look effortless and natural. If you want to try out this trend, avoid adding too much volume at the roots and have the curls naturally come down the sides. Fausto Puglisi had his models walk down the runway with this carefree look.

6. The Wet-Hair Effect

Wet hair Effect by Givenchy, Altuzarra, & Balmain

This wet hair effect can be done on loose hair, or paired with a low ponytail. Try wearing this style with a feminine flowy dress like in Balmain’s show. Alternatively, take note from Givenchy and grunge it up with a dark suit.

7. The Low Pony/Half-Bun

Monique Lhuillier, Chanel, & Josie Natori Hairstyles

This one’s for those with a round or square face. Add a casual, cool, adds an interesting vibe to an everyday outfit! This trend looks more interesting than simply tying your loose hair or a ponytail. If you want to experiment, this Chanel inspired look is for you!

8. The Braided Bun

Creatures of Comfort, Erdem, & Kenzo Hairstyles

This trend is a low plait braided into a long bun and is well combined with both feminine and masculine outfits! Pair a delicate braided bun with your favourite blazer, t-shirt, jeans, and heels for a versatile and collected look. Kenzo and Erdem’s models epitomized this this hairstyle on the runway.

9. High-Bun 

Pamella Roland, Thakoon, & Adam Selman Hairstyles

Just like the low bun, the high bun is also “in” this upcoming season. This style is one of the most functional in everyday life – it’s easy! You’ll find this trend modelled on the runways of Thakoon and Christian Dior.

10. Baby Hair

This trend is best showcased on the runway of Christopher Kane and involves letting those wispies down! We love the way this technique decorates the face and delivers intricate detail to a minimalist makeup look.

Baby hairs backstage at Christopher Kane Spring 2017



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Written by: Lexy Dien

Building a Weird Empire: The Pin Movement to Live Freak or Die

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Rebecca Henderson founded Weird Empire in 2015: an online boutique specializing in “weird wears” for the “uncommon customer”. In this exclusive Q&A, we asked Rebecca about the growing lapel pin trend and her self-described mission to “represent subversive weirdness” through pin culture.

Love Myself Pin       Live Freak Or Die Pin

Q:  What is “pin-culture”?

A: Much of pin culture is born from fan art: tons of pin makers I know make a living by creating new artwork and narratives from cultural touchstones and cult classics that they have a real deep abiding love for. It’s a way of being able to say “Hey I like this! Do you like this?”, and helped create a kind of social aspect behind wearing pins. That’s not really our mission at Weird Empire, but I respect the groundwork of collecting + sharing that those makers helped to form.

Q:  How did Weird Empire start and why?

A: Weird Empire started because I saw the opportunity to to infiltrate the world of wearables to help represent the subversive weirdness that I live for. There is no shortage of what I call “bland brands” floating around in the world : a lot of things that say nothing. I came up with the the Weird Empire motto “Live Freak Or Die” because it’s truly the foundation of why I am driven to create. It was also important to me to build a platform to help support artists working outside of popular aesthetics: to find my fellow freaks and bring their vision to life as well.

Q: Why do people collect pins? How do they differ from other accessories?

A: Personally, I collect pins because there are so many creatives who I want to support: I love Tuesday Bassen, Big Bud Press, Weekender Supply, and Frolick Studio. Being able to essentially collage together a number of pins allows people to tell a story about themselves without speaking. It’s basic self expression, but because of the scale becomes a little more hilariously passive aggressive: you have to let people get close enough to be able to discern exactly what is going on, and by that time some kind of interaction is bound to happen.

Unapologetic Pin
Q: What does “pin-culture” mean to you?

To me it means makers + collectors + enthusiasts who are directly supporting, celebrating, and connecting over the things that they love.

Q: Where do you get your (p)inspiration?

I am a recovering stand up comic, so some of my pins are based off of concepts I had explored unsuccessfully in that phase of life. Just a reminder: if at first you don’t succeed, hide it from your parents and try again. I also am really inspired by the friends I am lucky enough to have as contributing members of the Weird Empire: Taylor Williams, Dustin Harbin, Griffin Glaze, and Hnin Nie are just a few of the talented folks that are a delight to drink a beer and brainstorm with.

For more wonderful weirdness and products visit


6 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix for Every Fashionista

With the endless series options that are now on Netflix, how does one decide what to watch?  We’ve scoured every inch of Netflix, and compiled a list of six shows on Netflix for every fashionista.


If you’re looking for an inside, behind-the-scenes look into fashion then The September Issue is the one for you. Follow Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and many more, as they figure out everything from themes to layout for the coveted September issue of Vogue magazine.


If you’re more of a series-watcher then check out Mr. Selfridge. Mr. Selfridge a drama series about a man opening a department store ‘Selfridge & Co’, in London. The series is set from 1908 -1928. Everything from the old humour, and the drama filled lives of everyone involved with the store will keep you watching.


The Paradise is a similar series, in that it also takes place in an old-timey UK setting, 1890’s Newcastle to be exact. Denise is a young country woman, looking for work in a high-end ladies’ shop. Denise faces many challenges being surrounded by people who are so much more wealthier than her, but their may still be some room for love.


If you’re a history buff, watch Dior and I, this film goes through every little detail, from sketches, to production, all while staff narrate step-by-step, and share the history of Dior.


The First Monday in May is a chilling documentary about the Met Gala. See what the fashion industry sees, beyond just looking at the celebrities on TV. This film takes you inside the Met, showing you the many different definitions of ‘art’. The film is narrated by fashion elites, and also covers the effect of Alexander McQueen’s death on the fashion industry. “The show must go on” is an understatement in this enlightening film.


If your only tie to fashion is as a consumer then The Confessions of a Shopaholic is a classic. This movie is based on the best-selling series of novels Shopaholic written by the UK author Sophie Kinsella, so if you love the movie, maybe pick up a book!