Jumping Into Fall in a Stylish Jumpsuit

Jelly Sandals: BFF’S or Ex-BF?

Is anyone else sick of them yet or is it just me?

Just a few days ago I saw a story on Snapchat about New Jelly Sandals for the Summer ☀️.

Jelly sandals again? I couldn’t help but wonder how many phases the jelly shoe trend could have before it finally dies.

Jelly shoes were birthed into the fabulous generation that was the 90’s. The jelly-ness then came back around 2012, when Tumblr fans began to wear see-through boots and raincoats.

(Photo via Pinterest)

Soon after this brave small group of niche fashion lovers cracked the barrier to the past, regular shoe stores began to produce the classic 90’s jelly sandal styles. As seen below.

The original jelly sandal from J Beans.

Now it is 2017, and new concepts and colours of jelly sandals are still exciting everyone’s minds and wallets.  Jelly sandals now come in gladiator styles, flip flops, slip-on slides, as well as Birkinstock-esque buckle strap sandals.

Jelly Pool Slides from Urban Outfitters (Currently on sale for $10)


Buckled jelly slides from Forever 21 ( $26.90 )


Jelly Ankle-Strap sandals from Forever 21 ($26.90)


So, are you still loving the jelly? Or tired of it?

Comment on our social media and let us know! 🌈



Weekender Bags for your Weekend Getaways!

Summer has arrived, which means more time for adventure; Road trips, long weekends, and trips to the beach.

You need enough room and pockets to pack all your summer essentials like sun block, sunglasses, a change of shoes and an extra outfit or two.  Oh, and let’s not forget snacks!  Here are some spacious bags, with timeless silhouettes to accompany you on your last-minute trips and treks.






Stella McCartney

CAD$ 1,340







$289 CAD



Highlights: Khatsahlano 2017!

On July 8, 2017 West 4th Ave was blocked from Burrard to MacDonald for the Khatsahlano Street Party.

The festival starts off with a First Nations blessing to honour the man who gave his name to the area and the event. Now in it’s sixth year, the festival is meant to represent the laid back, creative atmosphere of West 4th with stand from local boutiques within the Kitsilano community, along with food trucks and live entertainment.

Once again, Vancouver Fashion Week was part of the celebration! With two fashion shows at the BC Living Stage, on the corner of Yew St. and West 4th Ave, and had our very own Beauty Bar.

The Athletic Wear fashion show was held at 1pm and the Ready to Wear fashion show was held at 4:30pm with all the outfits coming from local shops.

The Beauty Bar was open from the start of the festival with a makeup artist and hair stylist, so anyone could have come around and got their makeover done for free.



After getting made up by a professional stylist, you could go to our media wall and snap a picture of your new look. During the festival we had a contest going on where if you posted on Instagram with the hashtag #myvfwstyle for a chance to win two two tickets to Vancouver Fashion Week this September.




Throughout the day we had our Street Style team looking out for cool and fashionable people that were attending the festivities!


Here’s a recap of a few of the great looks and pieces we saw during Khats.





Thanks to everyone who came out to try our Beauty Bar and came out to see our shows; and the behind the scenes team of models, makeup artists, hair stylists and all the kind stores on W 4th that featured their outfits, and last but not least the Khatsahlano team.  



Written By: Nicky Toor

Photos via: Emily Gervaise of VFW

Gigi Hadid with the Summer’s It Bag

With crop tops getting smaller, dresses getting shorter, and sneakers sliced into slides, it seems like less is more when it comes to your clothes this season. Our favourite items are shrinking for summer, and that includes our handbags.

Gigi Hadid is the first starlet to sport Stalvey’s new top handle mini bag, retailing for $4,800, in white and Lizard.

Stalvey Top Handle Mini Handbag in Lizard ($4,800)

Hadid has also been spotted with Burberry’s new DK88 bag, which comes in 11 different colours. Gigi is carrying the bag in the size Medium. The bag also comes in large, small, and mini options.

Burberry The Medium DK88 Top Handle Bag ($2,495)




Trend Watch: Micro Handbags

As seen on the runways of Fendi, Valentino, Coach, and more, tiny handbags have big brands squealing.

A common first reaction is why would I spend that much for something so small, nothing will fit in it, right? However, some people are loving the small size because it pressures them to keep only the essentials. Ironic, that an item created by consumerist culture is inspiring people to have less, but it’s true!


Kendall Jenner sporting the Fendi Micro Peekaboo Bag in Light Pink Sheepskin, retailing for $1,950.


In an age where everything you need is either in your phone, or your wallet, you don’t need much else. This can be hard to imagine for girls who are lifetime best friends of the ‘hobo bag’, the seemingly endless bag that you could fit everything into. But do you really need the entire contents of staples, or that wad of napkins in your purse?




This trend has definitely been embraced by Parisian women, who already use their lipstick as their blush and vice versa. Prioritize what you absolutely need, and don’t keep things around “just in case”. Although the very tiny ones, such as Valentino’s matchbox sized bag are a bit extreme, try one just big enough for your phone and some cash, and feel the freedom!

 Chloé                                                                                                   Kenzo



Wild Thoughts with Manolo Blahnik

Remakes, meme’s and dance videos of DJ Khaled’s new hit featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller have been swarming the internet. One of which points fun at the fact that Rihanna makes not-so-hot items look amazing. In the music video Rihanna wears a flowy teal blue dress designed by Alberta Ferretti, (available for $1,720 Canadian).  The dress, which looks bland and almost village-y on the model, looks jaw dropping on Rihanna.



Also seen in the new video are Rihanna’s blinged-out sandals.

Rihanna collaborated with Manolo Blahnik for her new line called “So Stoned”.

The sandals and heels all feature large stones and embellished details, but fans know the real reason for that name RiRi, we see you.

The collection has been said to be dropping on July 6th.


Spice mule.


Poison Ivy gladiator sandals.

The collection will range in prices from $1,265 to $2,325.

Photos Courtesy: Manolo Blahnik


Your Vancouver Farmers Market Guide for Summer

Im sure you love fresh, local grown products as much as we do, so we’ve made a quick list of the best farmers markets to hit up this summer!


Where: 1100 Comox Street, Vancouver

When Every Saturday from 9am – 2pm, until October 21st.



Where: Dude Chilling Park – 2390 Brunswick Street, Vancouver

When: Every Sunday, 10am – 2pm, until October 8th.



Where: Riley Park –  50 East 30th Ave, Vancouver

When: Every Saturday 10am – 2pm, until October 7th



Where: Triangle Square, Granville Island

When: Every Thursday, 10am – 3pm, until September 28th



Where: Lakewood Drive and 13th Ave, Vancouver

When: Every Saturday 9am – 2pm, until October 21st



Where: Main Street Station (1100 Station St.)

When: Every Sunday 10am – 2pm, until October 8th



Where: East Plaza of Lonsdale Quay Markey, 123 Carrie Cates Court – North Van

When: Every Saturday 10am – 3pm, until October 29th



Where: Kerr Street Plaza, 8683 Street, Vancouver

When: every Saturday 10am – 3 pm, until October 14th



Where: 1500 block of Bellevue Street, West Vancouver

When: Every Sunday 10am – 4pm, until October 30th



Where: Kits Community Centre, 2690 Larch St., Vancouver

When: Every Sunday 10am – 2pm, until October 22nd



For lists of vendors, details and more, Visit

Images via




VFW Social Team takes Seattle // Seattle Sewn

This past Tuesday, our Social Team – Nancy Deol and Lexy Dien – sped off to Seattle to attend Seattle Sewn.

Seattle Sewn is a not-for-profit collaborative initiative led by Muses and Seattle Made, to re-energize the Seattle sewing industry.  There is a growing demand for locally and ethically made garments, with designers struggling to find qualified sewers and manufacturers.  As a result, Seattle Sewn is providing training to qualify individuals, but giving them a skill they are able to utilize.  They are doing so by providing apparel production training, job placement services, studio space for freelance sewers to collaborate and research, and find employment.  They are hoping to provide flexible, well-paying jobs to lay a new foundation for an industry to succeed.

Seattle Sewn has trained over 57-low income immigrants and refugees as commercial sewers coming from over 10 countries.

We feel so privileged to have been part of this event, as VFW holds diversity and inclusion as some of our highest values.  Supporting events such as these in Seattle are so important to us as we have supported multiple Seattle designers in the past.

The event was held at the Riverter – a spacious industrial space in downtown Seattle, Washington.  The event showcased multiple local apparel, backpacks, hats and jewelry lines.


Supermodel Skin on a Vancouver Budget

You won’t be able to hide under your umbrella forever! The days of long hours in the sunshine are approaching and we want to look our best, and that starts with strong healthy skin.

Here are some affordable high end gems and budget-friendly options to jumpstart your skin care routine.


Oily Skin

Oily skin can make your face feel very heavy, and may also be accompanied with some acne.

You want a cleanser strong enough to rid your skin of those bad oils, yet gentle enough that it won’t irritate your acne, or cause any to form. Try Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Shine Control Cleansing Gel ($8)

A toner will help purify and tighten your pores, preventing more oil from surfacing, and prevent dirt from getting in. Try CLINIQUE Clarifying Lotion 3 ($18)

If you suffer from acne, follow step 2 with any spot treatments or serums with acne controlling medical ingredients.


Dry Skin

If your skin ever flakes, feels tight, or looks like it could use a glass of water, this is routine is for you.

Your skin needs some love! A hydrating cleanser would be best to restore your skins moisture barrier. Try KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cleanser ($27)

Skip the toner, the amount of alcohol in most toners will only dry out your skin even more. However, rose water may be a good alternative as it will help keep your skin hydrated. Try the Eau Roma Water Toner from LUSH  ($11)

If your skin is still parched, you could follow this step with a face oil, gel eye cream, or a hydrating sheet mask.


Normal Skin

If your skin is neither oily nor dry, and acne isn’t a consistent problem you face, you can classify your skin under this routine (lucky you!).

For normal skin, a gentle cleanser Is all you need. Since your skin seems pretty good at taking care of itself, harsh products or chemicals could interrupt this natural balance. Go for a gentle foaming cleanser, strong enough to remove dirt and makeup, yet gentle enough to keep your skins natural barrier intact. Try Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($20)

Since your skin is naturally balanced, only use toner when you really need it. Go straight for an SPF moisturizer if you’re heading out.

If you do your skincare routine at night, follow your cleansing with any serums or creams you may have for any targeted concerns.