Supermodel Skin on a Vancouver Budget

You won’t be able to hide under your umbrella forever! The days of long hours in the sunshine are approaching and we want to look our best, and that starts with strong healthy skin.

Here are some affordable high end gems and budget-friendly options to jumpstart your skin care routine.


Oily Skin

Oily skin can make your face feel very heavy, and may also be accompanied with some acne.

You want a cleanser strong enough to rid your skin of those bad oils, yet gentle enough that it won’t irritate your acne, or cause any to form. Try Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Shine Control Cleansing Gel ($8)

A toner will help purify and tighten your pores, preventing more oil from surfacing, and prevent dirt from getting in. Try CLINIQUE Clarifying Lotion 3 ($18)

If you suffer from acne, follow step 2 with any spot treatments or serums with acne controlling medical ingredients.


Dry Skin

If your skin ever flakes, feels tight, or looks like it could use a glass of water, this is routine is for you.

Your skin needs some love! A hydrating cleanser would be best to restore your skins moisture barrier. Try KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cleanser ($27)

Skip the toner, the amount of alcohol in most toners will only dry out your skin even more. However, rose water may be a good alternative as it will help keep your skin hydrated. Try the Eau Roma Water Toner from LUSH  ($11)

If your skin is still parched, you could follow this step with a face oil, gel eye cream, or a hydrating sheet mask.


Normal Skin

If your skin is neither oily nor dry, and acne isn’t a consistent problem you face, you can classify your skin under this routine (lucky you!).

For normal skin, a gentle cleanser Is all you need. Since your skin seems pretty good at taking care of itself, harsh products or chemicals could interrupt this natural balance. Go for a gentle foaming cleanser, strong enough to remove dirt and makeup, yet gentle enough to keep your skins natural barrier intact. Try Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($20)

Since your skin is naturally balanced, only use toner when you really need it. Go straight for an SPF moisturizer if you’re heading out.

If you do your skincare routine at night, follow your cleansing with any serums or creams you may have for any targeted concerns.



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