The minimalist aesthetic has now entered the world of nail trends! Whether you want to keep up with the newest trends, or you don’t have enough time to put too much effort into your nail art, here are five minimalist nail art ideas for everyone.

1.Geometric Lines

Nails Mojo - Geometric Nail Art

There may be nothing more minimalist than a stripe of colour going down your nail. Apply a base colour and, using a thin nail art brush or paint brush, add a thin stripe of another polish down the middle of your nail. Make it pop by using a metallic or brightly coloured polish. Add more lines to create interesting geometric shapes, too!

2.Cuticle Stripes

Cuticle Gold Stripes - Pinterest

Cuticle Gold Stripes – Pinterest

Almost like the opposite of a classic French Tip manicure, adding a stripe of polish along your cuticle is a simple, but creative design that anyone can do. Use a thin nail art brush, or just a paint brush from your local craft store, dipped in polish to create a seamless line along the base of your nail.

3.Triangle Nail Art

Gantimurova Triangle Nail Art

Gantimurova Triangle Nail Art

If you want to put a bit more time into your minimalist design, then you can try adding little black triangles on your nails. It adds a bit more colour than the other designs, but in a simple, minimal way.

4.Primary Colours

Basic Colours Nail Art

Basic Colours Nail Art

Remember the primary colours that you learned about in elementary school? Well, now they’re out of the classroom and into nail art! Add horizontal lines of primary colours or try going diagonally in different directions to make it more geometric.

5.Colour Blocking

Colour Blocking - Dezired

Colour Blocking – Dezired

Colour Blocking is the concept of taking two colours that are on opposite sides of the colour wheel and putting them next to each other. Originally, the idea was created by a Dutch painter, but it has moved into fashion, beauty and now onto your nails! It’s definitely the most colourful nail art trend on this list!

Written by Nicky Toor

Nicky graduated with Bachelor of Journalism from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She loves reading, drinking tea and her dog, Kobe. You can usually find her working on blog posts or going out for lunch with friends. She also wants people to stop asking her to watch Game of Thrones, she says she’ll get to it eventually.