Micro Macro Magazine

Hello and welcome to the launch of our new platform Micro Macro Magazine!

Micro Macro will be taking over from the VFW blog to give you the best insights from behind the scenes at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Micro Macro is a contemporary design and culture magazine with a mission to celebrate creativity and connectedness.

We take passion in covering the micro: zooming in on intriguing details, finding out what makes our artists and designers tick, in-depth inspiration points and fun anecdotes, whilst always keeping an eye on the macro: a larger picture on identity, culture, societal shifts, and wider perspectives.

As a new platform from Vancouver Fashion Week, our mission is to synthesise an array of insights into the art and design universe for you to peruse to give your brain a buzz. We are dedicated to inspire our curious readers with fulfilling content: dynamic, upbeat, and engaging articles and vibrant imagery.

Check out the new platform here…