1992: Hana Imai was born in Chichibu, Japan.

2011: Became a Fashion model for Japanese magazine “egg”. Later this year, she appeared on the popular Japanese TV program “Terrace House”. As one of the top Gal model, she won her name as the top of the Shibuya Gal model through this TV show.

2013: Transferred to magazine “JELLY” after being a model for magazine egg for 2 years. Also became a designer at MARK STYLER co.,Ltd.

2015: Appeared on several fashion shows such as Kansai Collection and Girls Award as a designer/model of her own brand.

2016: Won a position in the biggest girls fashion show in Japan, Tokyo Girls Collection, as a designer/model of her own brand.

2019: After five years of experience, she will launch her own brand “margot” this spring.



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