byLJ Studio

Raised in a creative family, Lyndsey has always had a keen interest in music, fashion, and art. She has also always had an inherent practicality, and obtained a Bachelor of Business in Vancouver, but after six months living and studying in Berlin her interest in the arts resurfaced.

The Vancouver-based contemporary designer graduated in the study of fashion design at John Casablancas Institute in September 2017, and has since been creating and promoting her line through social media (Instagram/Facebook), her website and events (like Vancouver Fashion Week and RAW Artists Vancouver).

Lyndsey believes that fashion is a form of expression that is easily accessible to any individual. It is also an art that requires both logic and practicality.

Often inspired by music, movies and experiences; Lyndsey appreciates imperfections, juxtapositions, and off-beat behaviour.

byLJ Studio aims to provide experimental women with new perspectives and a raw, unassuming sense of beauty.

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