Jessica Tierney is an emerging Fashion Designer, currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Designer and owner of CHAINED COUTURE. Her passion for fashion grew from a young age, constantly sketching and designing. After learning how to use a sewing machine, her creativity sparked and Jessica knew it was fashion that inspired her.

A recent graduate from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Bachelor of Fashion Design, Jessica was awarded Designer of the Year. For her efforts with her graduate collection, she has been selected to represent the Whitehouse Institute of Design at the MAAS Awards in 2018. These awards acknowledge the talent of young upcoming Australian Designers and her collection is being exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum, in Sydney. Jessica travelled to NYC in 2015, and ever since “I feel myself constantly drawn back to New York City for inspiration. I wanted to express my emotional connection to the city and hence the use of the global co-ordinates CHAINED; 40.7128° N, 74.0060° W. This explores the idea of literally being chained to the city. The collection is motivated by structure vs deconstruction and elegance which combined create the chain.

Jessica’s designs are detailed and focus on the unique use and application of hardware to create surface decoration and a point of difference. Her bespoke designs remain functional and exclusive. The collection includes personally designed stainless steel jewellery and hardware that brings her designs to life.

CHAINED; 40.7128° N, 74.0060° W aims to challenge the ordinary and create something unexpected, combining masculine aspects (hardware) with feminine designs to establish unique couture pieces. Jessica believes in setting trends and never following them, making every person feel unique and individual in her clothes. I believe that everyone is perfect, I want to design for everyone and anyone who wants to embrace and embody the chained label.

Jessica’s passion is to design one-off couture pieces that make a statement.

“Embody Difference. Be a part of the Chain”

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