Chantelle Lecourt fell into fashion since her early childhood thanks to the influence of her two grandmas, one worked with Guerlain and the other one had a passion for sewing. Chantelle Lecourt grew up with a drawing notebook in her hand.

As a kid, she used to cut her mother’ clothes and she would customize them with, already, an ambition of creating a collection.

In high school, certain of her career choice, she specialized in sewing to dominate all aspects of the designer profession and immediately used her knowledge by dressing some of her friends.

With always the same determination, she joins the Training Center for Fashion/ Art where her creativity is fully developed and where her potential is deeply expressed.
In fact, it’s during her graduation test at the end of the year that she proposed a very remarkable collection and she got her first professional contacts.

Then, several shows happened, in which she participates as a creator/ designer while ensuring the support of the new class of CFAM students who wished to collaborate with her for one more year.

2017, the famous brand of hairdressers Joël Sicard calls the young designer then aged 21, to dress the models of their annual hairdressing show at the Vinci Congress Center in Tours.

In 2018, strong of her success, Chantelle Lecourt created her brand CHANNY in reference to her nickname inherited from a trip to Australia.

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