Parinitha, the brains, and brawn behind Label Pariha, where she creates beautiful contemporary Indian wear. A NIFT alumna. This curly haired entrepreneur recognized her passion and started her company, now just over two years old, wants to tell stories that are quietly losing out… This labels core philosophy is “Cultural Rediscovery”, reminding ourselves that we are part of something bigger. The collections are hugely inspired by the vast cultural heritage of India. Folk art forms, crafts, history and an eclectic mix of unique identities.

Through an amalgamation of fabrics with designs that blend Indian Tradition with contemporary trends, inspiring looks that are Universal yet Indian in Spirit. Each ensemble wanders through an emotion, creating statement pieces that work cohesively, as well as individually.

Distinct yet graceful silhouettes, a mix of delicacy, a combination of fabrics in dramatic hues and strings of subtle embroidery that transcend in time, are a few elements that form the soul of this Label.

Pariha believes that the Beauty of Life is living in the moment.

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