Raised in a creative family, Lyndsey has always had a keen interest in music, fashion, and art. She has also always had an inherent practicality and obtained a Bachelor of Business in Vancouver, but after six months living and studying in Berlin, her interest in the arts resurfaced. The Vancouver-based designer made the decision to fully immerse herself in the world of fashion and graduated in the study of fashion design at John Casablancas Institute. She is now presenting her next collection for her contemporary line, PHASED by LJ, at VFW for the second time. Lyndsey believes that fashion is a form of expression that is easily accessible to any individual. It is also an art that requires both logic and practicality. PHASED by LJ aims to provide adventurous women with new perspectives and a raw, unassuming sense of beauty. At the end of the day, it is the design of a garment that helps you express your personality and charm.

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