Susan New York Design

Designer and founder Mary Symczak have spent the past 12 years working in different capacities in the fashion industry, from being a full-time intern at Oscar de la Renta at age 18 to designing small leather goods at Marc Jacobs. She came to the conclusion that while there is so much to admire and learn in the fashion industry, she could not truly stand behind the methods, lifestyle, or attitude that currently reigns in most fashion companies both large and small. Pollution and waste are a given, and people’s lives and health are disregarded (from factory workers to creative directors). In response to this, she has tried to do as much research and action as possible into more sustainable ethical methods of creating beautiful clothing for modern women. Susan New York Design is her womenswear collection fully dedicated to using deadstock materials, natural dyes, making small runs of styles, working with local seamstresses, and producing everything locally in New York City.

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