“LOOP THEORY” is the name of the clothing line founded by Why Elliy, an interdisciplinary artist with a background in theoretical physics, cognitive science, and music. Elliy named her line after a theory she imagined which describes the universe as a continuously self-generating loop. For Elliy, the essence of using fashion design as a creative medium is its potential for creative expression that can be worn as part of a person’s expression of their own identity. The identity that one has of oneself is built off of the foundations of how each person uniquely perceives the world and its relationship with the self. One’s experience of the world and the self are essentially inseparable and continuously evolving with respect to one’s own beliefs and the perceptions that those beliefs generate – it is here that the loop lies.

To express her belief that identity should not be composed primarily of form, of mere visual appeal, Elliy was inspired to create collections inspired by her own metaphysical musings of the nature of the universe and reality and to use her (although already) eye-catching designs to remind people to look behind what one first perceives and ponder the true value “within”, but not “of” form itself. Specifically, Elliy has also been passionate about setting an example to start breaking the traditional stereotypes of what comprises science and art and those imagines that we may have had of people who are are devoted to these seemingly separate but rather similar fields of creativity. To Elliy, it is not a challenge to bridge together diverse areas, but rather she finds it surprising that these areas that we see as “different” could ever have been perceived so differently to start with. Thus to wear Loop Theory is not a style, but rather a belief system and a way of being.

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