Launched by Yuuki Byrnes, who got inspired by Peekskill, NY,  “WAY OUT EAST” creates  simple, but silhouette conscious clothing, which is a taste for  NY City boys and skaters.

Matcing oversized items, they exude a sense of presence and higher quality pairing with luxury items.

Suggesting genderless fashion, mens items are coquette while ladies’ are dandy.

It targets a wide range of age groups with a focus on the designer’s age, mid-20s, and the  motto is to make styling, which can change apparent ages depending on items you choose rather than choosing items based on your ages.


It targets a wide range of age groups rather than focusing on a certain age, and can be said to their advertising models in order to send “WAY OUT EAST” to various people.

Choosing clothing should not be depending on age, so the brand suggest the style, which can make people look “uncertain age”.

Customer base

Like simple style,  Ivy look or ex-skater fashion lovers and modern city boys, “WAY OUT EAST” is for the people, who love and enjoy fashion paringsimple items with a different type of clothing .

You can enjoy matching “WAY OUT EAST” basic items together with high end brands and a little spice of your own taste.

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