Ombra di foglia

Elena Elena   Pignata   is   the   interpreter   of   a   new   concept   of   wearability   and   construction   of   the   shape.    Her   innate   sense   of   aesthetics   is   conveyed   in   her   clothes   and   creations.   For   her,   fashion   is    research,   virtue,   grace,   it   is   pathos   expressed   in   the   feelings   that   her   collections   arouse.    Elena   Pignata’s   clothes   do   not   like   explicit   and   provocative   femininity,   but   rather   veiled   and    allusive   to   the   woman   who   knows   how   to   express   herself   through   what   she   wears.    Straight   after   graduating   from   feller   institute   of   design   and   fashion,   Italy   in   2000,   Elena   Pignata    (age   18)   wins   the   fashion   onward   grand   prix   award   and   is   invited   to   show   her   creations   at    Tokyo’s   fashion   week.    She   then   becomes   a   requested   fashion   consultant   for   several   Italian   major   brands,   among   others,    Malloni,   Jaggie,   La   Martina,   Cotton   Belt   (2000-­‐now).   during   her   career   Elena   has   also   been    designing   for   Caractere   of   Vestebene   group   and   Chervò   golf   wear.    In   2006,   she   goes   solo   and   founds   her   own   brand,   Ombradifoglia,   a   very   personal   and   avant-­‐ garde   label:   “jewels   carefully   sheltered   under   the   leaves   shade”   (ombradifoglia   in   italian).   light    filters   through   the   leaves,   shadows   appear   as   precise   outlines   in   constant   motion.   see-­‐ through   shapes   overlap,   bodies   slip   into   the   flat   shadows   giving   birth   to   a   third    dimension.   gravity   turns   what   was   once   rigid   into   something   fluid.   pure,   rigorous,    sophisticated.    That   same   year   she   opens   her   atelier   in   Turin,   Italy.    Supported   by   Camera   Nazionale   della   Moda,   she   designs   a   second   brand   (,   presented   in    Moscow,   Istanbul   and   at   the   fashion   week   of   Tokyo   and   Milan   (2009   –   2011).    From   2012   until   today   she   has   been   presenting   her   Ombradifoglia   collections   at   Tranoï,   Paris    fashion   week   and   in   French   and   Italian   show   rooms.   Her   collections   are   sold   nationally   and    internationally   in   Kuwait,   Egypt,   Saudi   Arabia,   Taiwan,   China   and   Japan.      Finalist   of   Project   Runway   Italy,   1st   edition,   2014,   Elena   is   currently   running   her   own   atelier   in    Italy,   consulting   for   pier   Antonio   Gaspari,   Dorando,   Stefano   Poda   and   travelling   around   the

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