Casey Lamb, owner of KSLAM, had a bit of a slow start into the fashion industry. Other than
one class in high school, and a few lessons from her grandmother, she is completely self taught.
Now at the age of 21, her pieces are being worn by celebrities such as Rita Ora, Kali Uchis, and
Hayley Kiyoko. Lamb’s journey to get to where she is, is unconventional. She started KSLAM,
as a way to showcase her art work, first starting with printing her own art onto graphic tees. She
then went on to reworking used materials, especially Levi’s denim, all while attending post
secondary for Sociology & working part time. As her first collection comes to an end, she wants
to continue to take the knowledge she acquired through out her post secondary experience, by
creating a brand that is focused on diversity and feminism. Being considered plus size herself,
she believes it is important to include all sizes, colors, along with different sexualities and
genders in her work. Her goal is to create a brand that is fluid, while also creating a platform that
can empower individuals. She tends to focus on creating made to fit, and custom pieces for
anyone who is wanting a piece of her clothing. Lamb believes this creates a unique experience,
that allows the people wearing it to fully embrace their individuality, in clothing that was MADE
for them. Lamb considers her brand & process as a designer unconventional, but she tends to
keep it that way.
Lamb’s SS19 collection, Vapour Wave, is inspired by the 2000’s art style that took aspects from
80’s art and fashion, to create internet memes, and a micro genre of new wave music. It was used
as a satirical expression to critique modern consumerism and popular culture. It combined
geometric shapes with neon colors, which is represented in her new collection. Her love for all
things 70’s & 80’s is communicated through the pieces, while incorporating it with todays pop-
culture trends and street style. Fusing these decades together, creates a cutting-edge approach to
both high fashion and streetwear. It has allowed her to still use used material, and new fabrics, to
create a ‘new wave’ of one of a kind clothing.

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