Hannah Eriksson

Arriving from a painting background, Eriksson noticed that her ideas were rapidly transforming into three dimensional visuals and she became captivated by the idea of placing a human at the centre of them. Now a Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design graduate and recipient of the overall achievement award, Hannah Eriksson’s design collections deal with much of the same creative content as her paintings; they are equally emotional landscapes as they are garments. Her S/S 2019 collection will be focusing on deconstructed business wear, clothing cohesive to the world we’ve negotiated. A challenging blend between abstraction and functionality guides her movements as she presents her second collection, “Life Support for Lifeless Lots” at Vancouver Fashion Week.

At the time being, all garments are one of a kind. This is a response to her desire to contribute less waste and excess as well as the discovery that repeating steps on what once was an art project, tends to strip the life out of the work.

           Eventually Hannah Sofia would like to be a part of a continuous large scale art exposition, an art circus. She imagines her clothing in this setting and believes it would attract an appropriate audience and lend well to collaboration. Until then, nothing pleases her more than to see her creations correspond with the work of others.

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