Devotion Designs

Wendy Schindler, founder, and designer of Devotion Designs, discovered her love of sewing
when she was 5 years old with a hand sewing needle, an embroidery hoop, some beads, a piece
of muslin, and some embroidery floss. With these materials, she hand stitched intricate designs
to create tiny pillows and hanker chief’s. At age 17 she designed and constructed her first
collection called ” Devotion”; this collection consisted of eight handmade wedding dresses,
accompanied with three matching flower girl dresses. Throughout the course of the last few
years, Wendy has been gaining experience working in fabric stores and at local ateliers. While
balancing school and work she has also been building up her own client for whom she designs
and makes custom gowns and formal wear.

As the slow fashion movement continues to blossom, a goal of Wendy’s is to create quality over
quantity. Through custom pieces of art, clients can express their passion for luxury and
craftsmanship. Devotion Designs aims to use natural textiles while designing gowns and
formalwear; these materials allow the garments to breath and feel more comfortable on the
body. Designing gowns that are mesmerizing and beautiful as well as comfortable is an
important part of the process.

Now age 21 Wendy is anticipating finishing her fashion and technology degree at the Wilson
School of Design come summer 2019.

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