5 Vintage Stores You Must Check Out in Vancouver

The old is becoming new again and that’s especially true in the fashion industry right now. Clothes are being made to look older than they are and more vintage, but why not buy actual vintage clothing? Here are a few of Vancouver’s vintage shops that you should go check out for all your trendy needs.

1.Duchess Vintage

430 Columbia Street, Vancouver (604) 558-1850

Duchess Vintage

Duchess Vintage

Not only does Duchesse Vintage carry a wide variety of vintage clothing, but they also carry lifestyle items and smaller pieces of furniture. Check out their Etsy shop here to see a small glimpse of what they have to offer!

2.Community Thrift and Vintage

11 W Hastings Street (Unisex Shoppe)

(604) 629-839

311 Carrall Street (Frock Shoppe)

(604) 682-8535

Community Thrift & Vintage

Community Thrift & Vintage

With two different locations, Community Thrift and Vintage caters to everyone. With a unisex shop and a dress-specific shop, there’s a lot of variety in clothes at both stores! Like a lot of vintage stores out there, they don’t only sell vintage clothing, but also accessories and trinkets.

Check out their Etsy shop here!

3.F as in Frank

2425 Main Street (Vancouver Store)

(604) 568-5130

8475 Ontario Street, Suite 204A (Warehouse)

(604) 568-6410



Similar to Community Thrift and Vintage, F as in Frank also has two locations, but possibly more vintage stock. They will also buy your old vintage clothes, too, so they’ll always be one step ahead of the vintage fashion trends.

4.Mintage Vintage

1714 Commercial Drive

(604) 646-8243

Mintage Vintage

Mintage Vintage

Full of vintage clothes, accessories and shoes, Mintage is another great vintage shop in the city of Vancouver. You can take a look at a few of the vintage items they have by going through their Etsy shop!

5.Woo Vintage

4393 Main Street

(604) 687-8200

Woo Vintage

Woo Vintage

A cute store filled with vintage clothes, accessories and jewellery Woo Vintage will truly woo you. There’s a high chance that you’ll walk away with something ‘new’ at this vintage shop.

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Written by Nicky Toor

Nicky graduated with Bachelor of Journalism from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She loves reading, drinking tea and her dog, Kobe. You can usually find her working on blog posts or going out for lunch with friends. She also wants people to stop asking her to watch Game of Thrones, she says she’ll get to it eventually.